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Maker: Mickey Pallas
Title: Woman Who Won Mixmaster at Union Christmas Party, Chicago
Date: 1949
Medium: Gelatin silver print
Maker: Andreas Feininger
Title: Wooden Statue of Lucretia (Sixteenth Century), Germany, ca. 1956
Date: 1956-03-23
Medium: Gelatin silver print
Maker: Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Title: Y por las noches gemía, 1945
Date: 1948
Medium: Gelatin silver print
Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Maker: Paul Strand
Title: Yawning Woman, New York
Date: ca. 1916
Medium: Photogravure
Paul Strand
Maker: Hansel Mieth
Title: You bed down in your sleeping bags with a rope and a bucket of oats. The moon is high. But the shadows are deep in the valleys, and there are stories about wildcats and coyotes, and Tawny, the mountain lion, and you listen to the sounds of the night
Date: 1960s
Medium: Gelatin silver print
Maker: Josef Breitenbach
Title: Young girl at the market. Karachi, Pakistan
Date: 1957
Medium: Gelatin silver print
Maker: John Gutmann
Title: Young Woman with Grieving Trees, Napa Cemetery, (Donna on Patrick Downey)
Date: 1981
Medium: Gelatin silver print