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TitleSorted AscendingMakerDateAccession #Medium
Experiment 28, n.d.Alfred Stieglitzn.d.80.75.7Photogravure
Miss Mabel C.Alfred Stieglitzn.d.80.75.8Photogravure
Experiment 27, n.d.Alfred Stieglitzn.d.80.75.6Photogravure
Torso, n.d.Alfred Stieglitz190480.75.9Photogravure
untitledClarence H. White190985.23.1Platinum print
Media File Ring Toss, 1899Clarence H. White189980.37.7Offset lithograph
untitledClarence H. White190980.90.3Platinum print
Media File La Curieuse, n.d.Clarence H. White0 - 190780.92.45Offset lithograph
untitledClarence H. Whiteca. 191087.70.1Platinum print
Edge of the Woods - Evening, ca. 1900Clarence H. Whiteca. 190076.204.10Photogravure