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[Sebastian] Droste in "The Way", ca. 1923-25Francis J. Bruguièreca. 192595.64.8Gelatin silver print
A Coryphée, n.d.C. Yarnall Abbot80.69.7Offset lithograph
A Piegan War-bonnet, n.d.Edward S. Curtis84.24.122Photogravure
Media File A showgirl models fashions on an airplane, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1995.Lauren Greenfield19952003.10.8Silver dye bleach print
A Trip to Zuni, 1897Ben Wittick1897-0676.362.7Gelatin silver print
A Trip to Zuni, the Ceremony of the Ka-Kila, Arrival of the Ka-Kila at the Central Estuja, 1897Ben Wittick1897-0676.362.8Gelatin silver print
Act 1. p.165 - Vivie: "Of my mother's life? I know nothing", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.6Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 1. p.173 - Frank's description of Crofts - "Sort of chap that would take a prize at a dog-show, ain't he?", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.7Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 2. p.178 - Mrs Warren to Frank: "Now look here, little boy (taking his face in her hands and turning it up) Don't you go taking any ideas into your head about me.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.13Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 2. p.181 - Crofts to Mrs Warren: "Mayn't a man take an interest in a girl?" "Not a man like you", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.8Collodion chloride print (glossy)