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TitleMakerSorted AscendingDateAccession #Medium
Intentions of Memory, 1976Cal Kowal197680.31.200Film transparency (Kodalith)
Home Is a MemoryJerry Uelsmann196376.7.13Gelatin silver print
Easter Mornings, ca. 1975Bea Nettlesca. 197576.271.5Offset lithograph
untitledTodd Walkerca. 197576.271.15Offset lithograph
untitledHenry Holmes Smithca. 197576.271.10Offset lithograph
untitledBetty Hahnca. 197576.271.20Offset lithograph
"I remember a delicious fruit...", ca. 1983Mihoko Yamagataca. 198389.42.6Dye transfer print
"In the summer of 1923...", ca. 1983Mihoko Yamagataca. 198389.42.8Dye transfer print
"Admiral Seiichi Ito once said...", ca. 1983Mihoko Yamagataca. 198389.42.15Dye transfer print
"Of the thirty-eight men...", ca. 1983Mihoko Yamagataca. 198389.42.17Dye transfer print