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Act 2. p.194 - Mrs Warren: "Your Aunt Lizzie? She's one of the most respectable ladies there.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.11Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 2. p.197 - Mrs Warren to Vivie: "Of course not. What sort of a mother do you take me for?", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.12Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 3. p.200 - Frank watching his father, 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.14Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 3. p.207 - Frank: - "The wise little girl with her silly little boy." Vivie: - "The dear little boy with his dowdy little girl.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.16Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 3. p.208 - Crofts to Vivie: "Now listen, Miss Vivie. I'm quite aware that I'm not a young lady's man.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.17Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 3. p.213 - Crofts to Vivie: "So you don't think me such a scoundrel now you come to think it over, eh?", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.18Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 4. p.224 - Vivie: "And now don't let us forget her qualifications; the two words.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.19Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act III, p. 256 - Frank to Vivie, of her mother: "It's no use, Viv: your mother's impossible. She may be a good sort; but she's a bad lot, a very bad lot.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.15Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Agit-Prop Theatre, New York CityAaron Siskindca. 193580.165.40Gelatin silver print
Albert Bassermann als Governer Suter of California, 80jährigJosef Breitenbach193289.90.4Gelatin silver print