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Ma-ha-la, Yosemite Band Digger Tribe. ca. 1880sGeorge Fiske1880s79.127.90Albumen print
Act 1. p.173 - Frank's description of Crofts - "Sort of chap that would take a prize at a dog-show, ain't he?", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.7Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 4. p.224 - Vivie: "And now don't let us forget her qualifications; the two words.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.19Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Miss Madge McIntosh as "Vivie", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.3Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Mr... as "Praed"Frederick H. Evans190278.144.5Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 2. p.194 - Mrs Warren: "Your Aunt Lizzie? She's one of the most respectable ladies there.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.11Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Miss Fanny Brough as "Mrs Warren", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.2Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 2. p.190 - Mrs Warren: - "Do you know who you're speaking to?" Vivie: - "No. Who are you? What are you?" Mrs Warren (rising breathless): "You young imp!", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.9Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 3. p.208 - Crofts to Vivie: "Now listen, Miss Vivie. I'm quite aware that I'm not a young lady's man.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.17Collodion chloride print (glossy)
Act 2. p.178 - Mrs Warren to Frank: "Now look here, little boy (taking his face in her hands and turning it up) Don't you go taking any ideas into your head about me.", 1902Frederick H. Evans190278.144.13Collodion chloride print (glossy)